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I asked Clive to join us in early 2014 to advise us after my Operations Director left. 


Clive quickly indicated that there was a need to streamline and up skill the management team. He quickly got to know the team and the nuances of my company and set about putting measurable systems in place so that my managers could share in the company’s development. He broke down the divisions within departments and helped to build a team that was significantly more cohesive. Managers’ success became measurable and a culture of inclusivity was created which allowed them to develop their control over my business so that I could focus on my speciality - sales and marketing, in order to increase the turnover to a sustainable position.


I found Clive a great resource to discuss strategic issues and his weekly attendance in the business provided some discipline and focus for us all.  I’d recommend him as an Operations Consultant to any business owners who need strategic and/or day to day expertise.

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Clive  is working with us  to grow our organisation.


An example of Clive’s recent work can be evidenced in  an £80m T/O charity which needed help to analyse systems across their organisation in order to identify and reduce wastage in its internal processes thereby enabling it to divert more of its funds to its beneficiaries. The charity is also looking to construct a strong organisational platform for future growth in an increasingly competitive environment.


Clive used his business strategy and lean methodology experience to help the Charity to analyse wastage in the value stream. Up to £340k of potential waste has been identified. The project is developing through a second stage which will see the practical implementation of our suggestions.  The second stage will  underpin the charity’s growth strategy for the coming years.

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Clive has worked with our District Council from 2014.


He has helped promote Sustainability to organisations within our business community through his consultancy. Clive managed the research and development of the project and has taken it to launch in 2016.


A marketing / PR phase has just started and we are looking to gain traction through 2016 with the result of improving our district’s businesses, our social and natural environment.


I have found Clive to be professional and knowledgeable across a wide range of business skills and his experience of working within the SME sector has provided a pragmatic approach to delivering outcomes appropriate to our District Council’s business operators.


We are looking forward to the continued promotion of ‘Sustainability for Business’ with Clive and seeing the project deliver growth in the region and add value to our community

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